Coaching and Mentoring

Coaching and Mentoring

Traction Consulting offers two coaching/training units which have that have qualified for the NZTE Capability Development Voucher Scheme.

Small businesses may qualify for vouchers to help pay for services such as training workshops, courses and coaching that build the management capabilities of their owners, operators and key managers.

For more information on the NZTE Capability Development Voucher Scheme please go to: FMCG, Wine/Liquor industry Management - coaching and ongoing mentoring

There is a steady growth of people and new brands starting out in both the liquor and broader FMCG industry from small boutique liquor/wine producers or artisan producers looking to develop their  own products to sell either in New Zealand or export markets.

Traction Consulting has extensive experience working in the FMCG, liquor/wine industry and is well suited to coaching and mentoring small and medium sized businesses to help build up their own knowledge base.

Our coaching and mentoring services are tailored to suit the needs of each individual business. Topics that can be covered are as follows;

 - Business strategy and planning.

- Market research NZ and export.

- Route to market planning – NZ & export

- Understanding route to market and distribution options.

- Pricing and Sales strategy management – NZ & export.

- Developing a distribution strategy, direct or distributor

- Export certification.

- Developing and positioning a brand.

- Sales forecasting and production planning.

- Sales and promotional effectiveness - reporting back to the business.

- Production costing and modelling.

- GS1 verification.

- Understanding the businesses capabilities and what needs to be in place to engage with distribution/retail partners.

What will this coaching/mentoring deliver the business?

The point of the coaching and ongoing mentoring is to build up the knowledge base and expertise within the existing business structure.

This broader knowledge and understanding will allow the business to make well informed decisions about where they are at, what they want to achieve and how they are going to get there.

2) New Zealand FMCG, Wine/Liquor market structure and insights

In a competitive and crowded market place understanding how the industry is structured, FMCG, Traditional retail/off trade, On Premise and what it takes for brands to gain traction is essential to business success.

Our coaching services are tailored to suit the requirements of the individual business and provide coaching and mentoring in the following areas.

- New Zealand retail landscape – the main retail partners and how they operate.

- Volume and value of wine sales.

- Gaps and opportunities for wine brands.

- Understanding route to market and distribution options.

- Outline of pricing expectations and structures


A clear understanding of the New Zealand retail / distribution landscape as well as the pricing structures that need to be considered for any brand in the market.

Sales and supply chain management 

Traction Consulting will work with you to develop a sales and distribution plan that specifically fits what your business requires. We can also support and coach you to execute the plan to ensure you achieve the best results. 

Is the business ready to work with distributors and other highly structured organisations?

Logistic and supply chain

  • Are sales order procedures in place?
  • How will the stock get to the customer?

Resource requirements

  • Staffing – is there enough?
  • Is the current IT system suitable to meet the customer requirements?